Due to the increased demand in AOD-9604, the retail price has increased. The product is now compunded on a patient-to-patient basis. Message for more details.


The AOD-9604 peptide in troche form acts like a growth hormone to stimulate the pituitary gland without affecting blood sugar or tissue growth. It works to greatly stimulate the breakdown of fat while inhibiting new fat from forming & has even been shown to help breakdown stubborn belly fat. 


**Effective 12/1/2020 - Due to the medical grade ingridents within our compounded peptide therapies, you MUST first be an established patient with the practice in order to purchase said therapies. First time patients MUST be in person. No Exceptions - including Out Of State.

AOD-9604 Peptide - Troche

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  • You MUST be an established patient with the practice to purchase any peptide therapy product. First time appointments must be in person at our Chandler, AZ location. 

    One pack is a One month supply if taken correctly

    After first month, reduce usage to Mon., Wed., & Fri. nights

    Flavor: tangerine, strawberry 

    Compounded: Foothills Professional Pharmacy

    Store in a cool, dry place