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Medically Supervised

Fat-Loss Program

Unlike short-term weight-loss programs, Cornerstone's fat-loss program is focused on long-term results to help patients achieve a better life & better health. Through a high-protein diet & a few more manageable tricks, this livable program is perfect for short & long-term health. This medically supervised program is also created & monitored by physicians, so is partially covered by insurance. Your monthly visits will be covered the same as a regular primary office visit. The high-protein, highest vitamin content shakes, as well as Blocker & Omega supplements are not covered by insurance, however you can use your health savings card for them.

High-Protein Medically Formulated Shakes

With the aid of these surprisingly tasty & customizable nutrient rich shakes you can start transforming excess fat into maintained & healthy muscle. These shakes are all natural, "non-gritty", gluten-free, contain 23g of whey protein & 6 different types of fiber, as well as the equivalent of a daily multivitamin. With all of this packed into each serving they are also very filling which aids in fat-loss.

"Craving-Curving" MetAssist Supplements

MetAssist is a metabolic support formula that aids in curving your carb and sweets cravings. It also improves insulin sensitivity, lessens the conversion of carbs to fat, and raises serotonin to aid in decreasing stress-eating. This supplement is extremely beneficial in aiding in fat loss during the program and can safely still be used afterwards to help supplement general health.


Medically Supervised

Weight-Loss Program

You've probably heard about it at one time or another, the Keto Diet has taken people by storm. The diet is great to shed weight fast, but what about after that? With the blend of Keto & Mediterranean styles, this program helps you to lose the weight fast, but with less strict conditions than traditional keto. At this time this program is not covered by insurance. 

This program consists of:

- 6 Weekly Weigh-Ins & Measurements

- Weekly B12 Injections

- Comprehensive Medical Guidance 

- Medication Prescribed if Indicated

Through this program our Medical Esthetician Peter & our CMA Lindsay both individually lost over 50 lbs in about 10 months

"Omega Health"
Omega 3 Supplement

Omega 3 is an important supplement that our bodies cant produce, but every cell that makes us up requires. The Omega Health supplement is the highest and most pure dose available on the market today. Omega 3 is the parent anti-inflammatory of the body that also aids in reducing high triglycerides & blood pressure, and even insulin resistance. It aids in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke and can also help in reducing abdominal fat.The Cornerstone Omega Health supplements are different because, (besides being high potency) its molecularly distilled 3 times to reduce the mercury content from PPM to PPB. The oil is also processes under a nitrogen blanket and packaged in dark blue jars to further protect it from oxygen and UV light. Doing so prevents the oil from becoming too active which can diminish its benefits and leave you with unpleasant "fish burp". Therefor the Omega Health supp. is "fish burp" free.

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